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Formerly Their's Resale & Consignment Shop

6790 North Main Street, Vidor

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Formerly Theirs
A Resale & Consignment Store
Owner: Sophia Guidry
6790 N. Hwy. 105
Vidor, Texas 77662
(409) 786-3995

Revised: Nov. 1, 2011

Clothes must be clean, folded and placed in (1) 30 gal. garbage bag or (2) 13 gal. garbage bags. Do not overstuff, this will prevent clothes from falling out and becoming separated or lost. (Allow 2 weeks between drop offs). 
We will review your items and clothes carefully and select only those that meet current styles, safety and condition standards. We will donate what we do not put out.
Baby equipment and toys must be clean and in proper working condition. Do not bring any items that have been recalled, have defects and/or missing parts. It is your responsibility to check this out.
Consignment is 60% on pageant/formal attire, 50% on large baby equipment and 35% on all other items. (pageant/formal attire must be on hangers and are selected by appointment only.)
You must leave items a minimum of 90 days.
You may pick up your money anytime once it’s posted to your account. You have 1 year to collect any money owed to you once it is posted. We are closed on Sundays and Mondays.
Our store makes every effort to sell your items, however any items that do not sell will be donated after the 90 days of selling time. We do not give back unsold items.
Our store is not responsible for any clothes lost or stolen, however, we will do our best to keep this from happening.

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6790 North Main Street, Vidor